Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mug Rug Reveal (Part 2)

Now that my other partner has received her mug rug, I can show it here. I used the same wonky word technique as the other mug rug. Guess what Astrid likes to drink? :)

After waiting for sometime, and giving my partner sleepless nights whether her package will arrive safely - I finally received my mug rug all the way from Swissy land. Shanny calls herself a beginner where sewing is concerned, but look at what she sewed for me! The mug rug is reversible and she used different techniques on each side!

Seminole piecing & FMQ
(I have not tried this piecing technique before and I've been sewing for a long, long time......)

Machine applique & hand embroidery (steam coming out of the mug)
This side is so yummy!
Thank you, Shanny! You have done a great job! :)

When Shanny came home to visit her parents last May and we had our NNC Bee to coincide with her visit, I gave her a mug rug. (She was not my partner for the swap; even though I did give my other partner her piece during the same Bee! See the earlier post)

Crazy patchwork
Outline quilting & crocheted edges directly onto the piece.


Astrid said...

Very cute mug rugs!

Precious Crafts said...

Wow, so creative! And I love the crocheted edges very much! You are so lucky!