Sunday, June 19, 2011

Have been LAZY....(one Mug Rug revealed)

....this post is so overdue.
I handed one of the Mug Rugs to my partner, Sabariah during our last Bee held at Sally's house in Shah Alam. She received the 'Chinese' Mug Rug and I stitched it with the alphabets using the method described on this book. This is a quick way to do letters as one don't need to measure ahead, just cut out strips in various widths and sew as you go along - the author calls it Unruly Words! The rug turned out quite wonky as the brown borders are so uneven!
I also gave a Chinese tea cup to Sabariah, but I forgot to take a photo of it. :(
I have yet to send the other one to my other partner. Besides the Mug Rug, she and I are in another exchange and I have not completed this other one yet. So the other mug rug will only be revealed when she has received it. Sorry, peeps you have to wait a while.......:D

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Ratna said...

Wonky it is. that's the beauty of handmade!