Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mug Rug

Over at NNC we caught the 'mug rug' fever, so an exchange was set up by MW aka the Headmistress. The mail out date is mid Oct 2011 ~ there is actually an option to do two rugs, and I signed up for both, thus I have been assigned two partners whom I can't reveal now. One is a local (Malaysian) member and the other from across the oceans! *wink*

I know October is still 5 months away, I was afraid something unexpected to crop.....I finished the rugs yesterday! *grin* BTW, I may stitch a few more pieces........anyway, here are the two pieces (reverse side). I used local batik for the reverse. The front will be revealed when my partners have received them!

Reverse of mug rugs using local batik


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All things beautiful said...

This ought to be interesting :-) Now, you are not going to make me wait all these months, are you?