Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I have been MIA for sometime - a very unexpected thing happened in 2012 which I shall not delve here!
Anyway, I just want to wish everyone that 2013 will be full of SUNSHINE and RAINBOWS! 

Sneak peek of a quilt I hope to complete in 2013 - the backing is laid; just need to sew the border. 
BTW.....the challenge for the coming NNC Anniversary meet is FABRIC House set by our esteemed headmistress, MW! And I'm pleased to say, I have completed ! *wink* I have also completed the Gift Exchange to go together with the Fabric house. Unfortunately, I can't show the pictures at this time yet! 


All things beautiful said...

Love your quilt :)

Janet C said...

Thanks, LF.
Show it to you next time you're in town. :)

Lillie said...

Finally an update in your blog ! LOL!

Congrads on your finish, both the quilt and the NNC exchange .

Have a good weekend :)