Sunday, October 10, 2010

Kerala, India

.....Part 2

After the jumbo ride, we went back to Munnar town and went to a 'theater' to watch a traditional dance called the "Kathakali". The dance uses facial, hands and legs movement to 'tell' the story as there is no dialogue! The make-up and costume of the dancers are very elaborate - the make on the lead dancers takes up to 4 hours to put on and they showed the audience how the dancers dress up before the dance and that took nearly an hour!

Dancers in action

Next day, we left Munnar (another long journey along the same winding road!) to go to Kumarakom - a backwater paradise to stay the night on a houseboat. As it was daylight this time, we saw many waterfalls which we missed on our way up to the hill resort on our arrival day!

Something all of us (who are Catholics) noticed as we traveled along the roads of Kerala, the countryside and towns are dotted with churches - large and small ones! And one of India's saint - St. Alponhsa was born in Kerala in the early 20th century. Her tomb lies in one of the towns we passed through! The church where her tomb lies is a very big and modern one! Many pilgrims visit this church as she is said to intercede to bring about healing of illness. Read more about her here.

We finally arrived at the river where we are to take the cruise. The cruise is along a river which goes into a lake (supposedly the second largest lake in India). It was a bright breezy sunny day while we were cruising. We spent the night on the boat - however, during the night many small flies come out from the surrounding area and boat operator had to cover the the boat with canvas and we had to use the minimum light as the flies are attracted by the light! Lunch, dinner and the next day's breakfast were served on the boat and it was dinner that I was 'poisoned'! lol. I threw up the whole night and didn't manage to get much sleep! And the next day, I had no appetite and didn't want to risk throwing out on the plane as it was our departure day!
'Our' houseboat
Another houseboat cruising of the river/lake

Sunset on the river/lake

Our departure day, being Sunday, we were obliged to attend mass and to receive the eucharist. Our guide took us to the Santa Cruz Basilica. A wedding was taking place there and it was opportune that holy communion was about to be distributed and we were able to receive the eucharist too! The wedding was pretty elaborate and presided over by three priest!

Santa Cruz Basilica
Ceiling of the Basilica

Wedding mass

After visiting the Basilica, we visted the Jewish quarter of Cochin, then to another church where the tomb of the Portugese explorer Vasco Da Gama lies. After this, we had lunch and then made our way to the airport.

Tomb of Vasco Da Dama
Even though the car (motion) sickness and the food poisoning were most unpleasant, I have fond memories of this visit to "GOD'S OWN COUNTRY".

Indian taxi

Thank you for visiting.

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Lillie said...

Sorry to read about the food poisioning and the sickness. Thank you for sharing your trip.