Monday, October 4, 2010

Kerala "God's own country" India

Part 1

A very dear friend invited me to spend a weekend in Kerala, India. We a took the afternoon Air Asia flight from LCCT and arrived at Cochin, Kerala'a airport at about 4.30pm (Indian time - which is about 2.5 hours behind Malaysian time). Our tour was pre-booked so our tour guide and his driver were waiting for us.
the signature red plane

arrival hall

We did not anticipate a long journey (5 hours!!) from the airport to Munnar (a hill resort) where we were to put up for 2 nights. This is the first time in my life where I got car sick - the long distance, coupled with a very, very winding road up the resort (and bad driver - he was not familiar with the way) and insufficient air-cond reaching the back part of the car. I threw out everything I had before the flight!! We managed to arrive at the resort called Tea Valley in time for dinner - we were the last diners! By then, I didn't had much appetite - so only ate to replenish what I threw out!! LOL.

Valley in front of our rooms - was a very misty day!
The valley after the mist cleared - note the very, very winding road. It is very narrow and only a vehicle can be on it, However, the were times when there was traffic from the other direction - one will stop to let the other pass by before proceeding. And the honk is always used to warn on coming traffic especially as hairpin bends - one cannot see what's around the bend!

We spent the morning visiting the Eravikulan National Park which is a sanctuary for a kind of deer. Unfortunately, it rained when we reached the highest most part of the park - so no deer was seen. The hike up was difficult - thin air (and lack of exercise). However, the walk was compensated by the spectacular view down the valley and up close with a waterfall!

No trip will be complete without shopping - we went into Munnar town and made a stop at a shop selling spices and tea. Since I'm not into cooking - let alone cooking Indian style, I just let my senses take in the various aromas of the spices!

After lunch, enroute to view more of God's own country - I rode on an elephant! The experience is a rather scary one - the elephant first went uphill which was slippery after a downpour and came down hill. It's amazing that the elephant was so sure of this footing and the path to take - it's keeper walked along with us, but then....... be continued

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Lillie said...

An exotic destination, the hills look serene.