Friday, May 8, 2009

Another Exchange & a Zigouigoui

I have joined another exchange (my gray cells must have gone on vacation when I signed up). Since it involves small pieces of stitching, I believed I am able to follow through! *keeping my fingers crossed though!* This exchange will allow me to stitch some cute small designs and finish it as an ATC for the birthday gal and this exchange has stitchers from all over the world.....Australia, Africa, UK, USA and yours truly in Malaysia. There are many designs that I had loved to stitch, but did not know how to finish it, so the ATC is a good opportunity to do so! Incidentally, the first person on the birtday list is yours truly and I am so looking forward to receive the cards. Frankly, I only have a vague idea of the ATC so being the first recipient will allow me to know what to do for the next birthday gal whose birthday falls in July!

A Zigouigoui.......what in the world is this when I first saw the name?? Anyway, a fellow stitcher made one and I fell in love with it. (BTW, there is a tutorial link at the said post on how to finish is little ornament!) Finally, I managed to complete it and here it is.

Fabric: 14ct red Aida
Fibre: DMC metallic E135
Fringe is made from a multi-coloured crochet yarn.
I stitched pearl beads along the seams and
the cord for the hanging is crocheted from the nulti-coloured yarn
with pearl beads added along the way.

Here is the design before the finish. It's a freebie from here.
Thank you for visiting and I also take this opportunity to wish all mothers


CindyMae said...

I actually was thinking today about what I am going to stitch for your ATC! I am looking so forward to this exchange and I am so glad that you have joined!

The Zigouigoui is amazing!!!! Now, I have something else to stitch . . . great just what I needed! LOL

Bev said...

and heres me thinking i will see what i can stitch for you, well don't look at mine for guidance as i was looking to see what i have to do from you lol, and wow that zigoiugoiu is really good, shame i cant pronouce it lol