Monday, July 7, 2008

USM Campus

We (DH and I) and Celine (Cheng Fai's mum) made an early start to Penang. We fetched Celine at 7.30am and had breakfast before setting off.

It was hazy while we were crossing the Penang Bridge like a storm is brewing over the island, but surprisingly it was bright and sunny when we arrived on the island. We didn't have difficulty finding the campus - just followed the sign boards and landed right at the doorstep of the main entrance (Batu Uban) lol! After gaining permission from the guard, we drove through the campus and had a first hand look at the Garden University which USM is also know as. It is like a small township and quite impressive and condusive for study! DD and Cheng Fai's hostels are located at the other end of the main gate - in fact, it's an annex to the main campus compound. There are six blocks of apartments - namely Restu, Saujana and Tekun. DD is staying in Saujana, whereas Cheng Fai is in Tekun. DD block is pretty clean and she said the cleaners come around every morning to empty the rubbish bins. Apparently, over at Tekun, the bins are only cleared once a week. DD shares the room with a girl in the same course whose hometown is over at Butterworth!

DD in front of hostel

After unloading the luggage, we went to Queensbay Mall.

The two of them, apparently just got up before we arrive and thus did not have any breakfast. We had brunch at Nando's as DH and Celine hadn't tasted them before. Then we proceeded to Borders where I bought a few books and a Japanese mag (the only one I saw) while DD bought some Japanese reference books! After spending 4 hours at Queensbay Mall, we went to Tesco Extra as both of them want to pick up some tidbits and necessities! Brought them back to the hostel and after having a drink at the cafeteria, we started our journey home. Today, the kids start their classess......

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Emily said...

JC, this will be the first of many visits to Penang! I went through this with my two gurls and thankfully they were both in Selangor!

Thanks for sharing!