Friday, June 27, 2008

Off to Uni (USM Penang)

Last week, Michele found that she has been accepted to study Management at Univeristi Sains Malaysia, Penang.....thus began a hectic week for us. First, we went shopping....for SKIRTS and blouses, two items that is not common vocabulary for her! lol Finding blouses/shirts were not too difficult, but the skirts were another story....they are either too short, too flowery, or too expensive. Didn't want to get pricey ones as she won't be wearing them much once the Orientation is over. Finally, we managed to find three pieces that meets her criteria at Reject Shop at RM100.60 for all three pieces!
Then we have to buy pails, brushes and other daily necessities which she took for granted while living at home. As she begins this new journey, she has to learn to do chores for herself....wash her clothes (though there are washing machines in the campus), ironing, and keeping her room clean! At home, she didn't do chores at all!
And she began packing only yesterday afternoon and I helped her to pack her suitcase and there seem to be so many things that she has to take along. The next week is only Orientation week and her clothes took up most of the space in the case! Didn't get to bed until after 1 am! Her other stuff is still lying on the floor at home and DH and I will be bringing them to her next week when she moves to her 'permanent' hostel for the semester. We are taking Cheng Fai's stuff too to him. He is doing a different course - English Literature and Linguistic Studies.
Both Michele and Cheng Fai left for Penang this morning and staying over night at Cheng Fai's friend's place at Batu Ferringhi. The friend will be fetching them to USM campus tomorrow.
Will miss her though especially going for Japanese food.


Emily said...

Congratulations to your Michele on go to USM!

I went through two sessions of buying pails, brooms, bedlinens etc etc twice myself and IT WAS FUN!

Its the beginning of the empty nest syndrom!

Janet C said...

Thanks Em!

Za said...

Congrats to your daughter, Janet, for getting into USM, and good luck to her too!