Thursday, June 14, 2007

NNC Wish List Exchange

Yesterday, I mailed the reversible tote bag to Margaret. It's pink on one side and the reverse is blue! This is my second exchange on NNC, the first being the pincushion! I have finished my obligations, but have a number of WIP to complete - namely:

1. Fairies x-stitch from Marie Barber's book

2. Tulip quilt

3. Ripple crochet

Then it will be Bouquet for Cheryl a challenge thrown by BJ of NNC and distributed of Carrie's thread. It's her way to promote Carrie's thread in this region and we purchase 5 skeins of CT and stitch the Bouquet by 31st December 2007. If and when we finish the project by that date BJ will give us 5 skeins of CT free of charge. I have already placed my order - I'm going to stitch it using Joy Noel (a multi-colour variegated in shades of christmasy colours, namely green, red, gold, etc). Besides this, I have also ordered a skein each of Fall Splendour, Purple Pansy, Over the Rainbow, Lagoon Green and Lumiere de Cheryl. Each skein costs RM4.00. I hope I can complete this challenge on time!

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