Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Bookfest & Amigurumi

Went to KL with Michele last weekend particularly to attend the Popular's Bookfest. Didn't buy much at the fest as the books and things were not what we were looking for! However, we did go to Kinokuniya (Japanese section) and we found what we looking for! We spent RM360+ there and my CC bill will increase again *sob*.

I found the Amigurumi Collection book volume 5 and the turtle which I made from it. Isn't he cute? Anyway, he will be going to another home soon - to June who will be celebrating her birthday on 11th June! Turtle will be a companion to her hippo!

There was a heavy downpour in KL when we were about to go to Puduraya to catch our bus. Barely managed to reach it with one umbrella! There were many people at Puduraya as most buses were delayed due to the rain. Our bus (6.30pm) was delayed, but we managed to get on the 6pm one, but which left Puduraya at 7.00pm. As we reached the Jalan Duta toll, there was a long queue as the road after the toll was flooded - there was a huge jam. Fortunately, our bus was just at the entrance to the toll and managed to do a reverse and go by another way i.e. via Jalan Kuching which was almost slightly jammed. By the time we reached Rawang, it was 8.30pm and we arrived Ipoh at 10.15pm+!

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