Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sir Cliff Richard

Went with the church's Evergreen group to Genting Highland on 9th Feb 2007 to attend the concert by SIR CLIFF RICHARD. We left Ipoh at about 8.30am and arrived at Genting at about 11am and have to wait for a long time to be check-in. There has been so many changes in Genting since the last time I was there which was nearly 10 years ago!
As our rooms were not ready by lunch time, we went to have lunch at one of the many restaurants in the resort. We had buffet lunch and were given a 50% discount as all the other members in the group were over 55 years old except myself and Jennifer Durates! We ate our fill since we had so much time! Real glutton! LOL.
Finally our rooms were ready and we went there to have a short rest. I shared a room with Catherine Chow, then we went to walk around the resort and went round it on the monorail which costs RM5 per ticket.
Finally, it was time for the concert which started at 8pm. We had good seats which has central view of the stage! The price of the ticket RM170 was worth it. Sir Cliff sang many oldies as well as new cover version of songs from his new album which he dueted with other well-known singers. The show lasted for nearly two hours. Bought a double CD of his oldies.
After the show, went to the main casino for supper. Many people from Ipoh went to the concert - OMPH and SMC parishioners; Cheah and his wife. He has so many fans from Ipoh *wink*

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