Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Meet Up

5th Jan 2007
Went to KL with Michele to meet up with Aunty Julia, Con, Man and her daughters Brenna and Andrea. It has been some years since I seen them. Man has lost a lot of weight and Con and Aunty Julia have a lot of grey hair! *Sigh* if only time can be stopped! Stayed at Onn's apartment. Exchange news, but didn't have a real proper conversation as most of the time were spent window shopping at Berjaya Times Square and Midvalley Megamall!

6th Jan 2007

Kept my appointment with the gals of NNC. Arrived at the Equatorial Hotel at about 11.45am and Emily and her daughter, Diyana were already there. June (who works at the hotel was there to welcome us. June and Emily have already met before!) We had lunch at the Kampaii Hotel (Japanese food) and got down to chatting-like old friends instead of a "first date". It was exchange and show off time too-gave my FRE Needlebook to June. The main reason for this meet-up. Unfortunately, Margaret was unable to come due to her mum's illness. Margaret is the one to make something for me and I have since received her pincushion.

June showed us the pincushion she made for Nik and it was very beautiful. She gave a 'stork' embroidery scissors (something I've always wanted, but couldn't find it) Thanx June. Emily gave me two balls of thread and a shuttle for tatting. Now I need to find someone to teach me how to tat! Em also gave us some books - she's a member of I made up a catheral window sample for Em as she said she wanted to make a CW cushion. Included some extra fabric so that she can turn the sample into a pincushion or something... Had a very enjoyable '8-course' lunch. After that Emily dropped me off at Midvalley to meet up with the family. She had to make two rounds as she missed the turning into Midvalley twice! I supposed with our chatting...should have kept quiet while she was driving!

7th Jan 2007

Con and A.Julia left for Singapore by the 3.30pm bus and Michele and I returned by the 5.30pm bus. The bus was going pretty fast as we reached Ipoh before 8pm. Man and her girls took the 11pm bus to Singapore.

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