Sunday, December 19, 2010

Jenny Tseng's Concert

DH and I went to Genting on 17th December 2010 to watch Jenny Tseng's Love Farewell Concert. Unlike the previous concert (Lobo) which we watched in October where Lobo just sang, Jenny's had a few costumes changes and some songs included dancers. She wore mainly mini-skirts which showed off her still gorgeous legs!

However, she couldn't do the dances with her dancers as she had a broken shoulder as a result of a fall she sustained at Hong Kong airport upon her arrival from the USA. She didn't wear the sling during her performance, she was carefully not to move her right arm much during her performance. Many times during her performance, she mentioned that she is in pain. Her fans were quite considerate when she came down from the stage to sing with them as they stayed away from her right hand!
Since I bought her set of CDs prior to the show, I was given the opportunity to get her autograph and a photo together with her!

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