Sunday, November 15, 2009

Clean Up

My craft table was becoming so cluttered that I hardly had any space to work on! I also couldn't find some of the necessary tools for my craft. All of them were drown in the mess! LOL
Yesterday I decided to clean up the table and re-arrange my things so I can at least see what is where!


VOILA!'s how it looks like after............Yay! I have more space to work

NNC STITCHING BEE on 7th November 2009

This bee was initially arranged to coincide with Lody's visit to Malaysia while she was visiting her homeland, the Philipines. Unfortunately, the Philipines was hit by heavy rain which caused much flooding just after Lody arrived there and she couldn't come over as planned.

Anyway, the local members went ahead with the bee and we had the biggest turnout of members thus far! A detail report of the day is here.

During the meet, MW gave me a belated birthday present which was designed by Lody. Thank you Margaret! It is so well-stitched and beautifully finished.

Needle Etui



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CindyMae said...

Your craft table looks much better! What an absolutely GORGEOUS gift you received.

Lillie said...

MW's finishing is always a fab.

Lillie said...

Must add, my table is even worst than your before! ;P

Karen said...

Love your pretty is that! The finishing is so nice. Lucky girl.