Thursday, April 17, 2008

It has been a while....

....since I have written here.
Let's re-cap what I have stitched or sew thus far....

Firstly, I have stitched the Jan and Feb ornies for the Christmas SAL which I signed. Here there are:

January ornie for Christmas SAL
Design from Cross-stitcher magazine, UK

February Ornie
Design: AMAP (freebie)
Secondly, I stitched some Redwork

These designs are by Alicia Paulson (see posting on 7 Feb 2008 to download the patterns) which features different designs for each day of the week. As you can see, I still have Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday to stitch!

These two pieces are a monthly BOM SAL from Capricorn Quilts. Unfortunately, the designs are retired after the month is up. At the moment, April pattern is still available, but Jan-Mar are no longer available (free) .

And then of course........

the Rose Sampler SAL from EMS

the Old Sampler from here

How Does Your Garden Grows from Papillon Creations. This piece involves speciality stitches besides cross-stitch and it is quite fun to stitch once I have figure them out.

The last three pieces are international SAL and will run until the end of 2008!

Besides stitching, I also did some crochet like these:

They are amigurumi bears. The pink one has been sent to Irma in Chile for the Secret Valentine Exchange at SNN. The brown bear is for the NNC lottery to be drawn in Sept 08.

This brooch was also sent to Irma in Chile.

This one was given to BJ.
At NNC, there was the recently concluded Charm Exchange where there were not sewing involved (phew!). We sent 10 different pieces to each participant who has signed up. The participants were Emily, Nik, Ratna, Tini and moi. So I received 40 different pieces of 5"x5" fabrics from these lovely ladies.
There are more exchanges to come both at NNC and SNN and shall write about them sometime soon....;-)

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Azie said...

whoaaa.. you hv done a lot !!! and they are all so lovely & awesome. somting like a stitcher's report card !